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It was a silent night in the middle ages, aerolites rained down , scorching the sky and exploding on the earth. In a second, the burst into flames within hundred mile radius. Countless people were burned alive. Then fumes and dust covered the sky . No sunlight could be seen after that moment. tzombies started to appear and the forces of evil rose and expanded. This land was filled with evil spirits, It’s became named as “shadow land”.
Although the territory of shadow land expanded gradually to cover the whole sky , there was still a small area where sunlight filtered in the times .It was on the edge of “shadow land”. Adventurers pitched a camp there and called it “Sanctuary”.
Different people came here for different purposes, some for money, some for their curiosity of the shadow land’s secrets, some for that mysterious power……And you're one of them !The king had also sent a group made up of researchers and soldiers to find the source of power then figure out a way of preventing its rising.

Blade of darkness is an action open 3D RPG game, but defers from other RPG in emphasizing in players’ handling rather than attributes, of course , we are not saying attributes are not of importance, we just don’t want to see our games to be a simple digital game that two guys beat each other. Players can dodge demons’ attacks , combo to make them defenseless ,strike and then kill them, everything depends on you. There’s four major categories of weapons and three categories of armors for your choice, each one has a unique attribute and skill which will give you a totally new feel and rhythm, you can find out a best way to fight, you can also use skill points to enhance your skill.

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